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Das Erwachen der Macht: Maisie Richardson-Sellers in Episode VII dabei!

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Nach den Gerüchten die schon seit längerem um ein Mitwirken von Maisie Richardson-Sellers in Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht im Internet kreisen, hat diesen nun in einem Interview bestätigt Teil des Episode VII Casts zu sein:

Does all of this feel new to you?

It really does. I graduated from university last summer, where I was studying archeology and anthropology, so quite a different thing than acting. But, my parents are both actors and I´ve always wanted to act, so after school I started auditioning and that´s when I got Star Wars. That was my first job and The Originals is my second job, so I´m still trying to find my feet.

That must be a strange sentence to say ´My first acting job was Star Wars?´

It is really strange, but it´s also fantastic. I´d always done theater, and his was my first screen experience. I couldn´t have asked for a better team to introduce me to the world of screen acting.

Für das voll Interview folgt bitte der Quellangabe.

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