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Making of Videos bei Moviefone und Interview

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Da wir einige Anfragen nach den Videos zum Making of Episode III erhielten, haben wir nun einen Link für Euch. Ihr könnt die Making of Videos von Revenge of the Sith 2 bis 11 auf den Seiten von Moviefone anschauen.

Folgt einfach diesem Link hier.

Zusätzlich findet Ihr dort ein Interview mit Matthew Stover:

On May 19, Anakin aficionados and Amidala lovers everywhere will finally get that which has been haunting their dreams: the much-aniticipated final installment of ´Star Wars.´ For diehard superfans who simply cannot wait that long, there is the ´Revenge of the Sith´ novelization, already in stores.

To adapt the story of Anakin´s slide to the Dark Side, George Lucas tapped fantasy author Matthew Stover, a self-proclaimed fanboy who saw ´Empire´ no less than 30 times in the theater. Moviefone talked to Stover about the challenges of remaining true to Lucas´ vision, the perks of reading the novel (there are scenes you won´t see on screen!) and the secrets of the greatest cinematic saga in this or any galaxy.

Moviefone: You do have a martial arts background. Did that help you writing the lightsaber battles?

Matthew Stover: Well, it does and it doesn´t. The lightsaber is an unusual weapon: There really isn´t any earthly equivalent. And a Jedi using the Force in combat is not really the same as a kickboxer fighting in the ring. But there are ways in which combat is combat, regardless of how it happens and where it takes place. And I think… that based on what they saw in my two previous ´Star Wars´ books I was the best man to write about the fall of the Republic and specifically the fall of Anakin Skywalker. That´s why they decided to go with me instead of choosing an already legendary fantasy writer the way they did with the first two prequel novelizations. The first one was done by Terry Brooks and the second by Bob Salvatore, both of whom were multiple New York Times best-sellers. They each had double digits on the bestsellers list before they came to write ´Star Wars´ -- whereas if it weren´t for ´Star Wars,´ no one would know who I am.

Das ganze Interview könnt Ihr hier nachlesen.

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