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Im Internet wurde der Soundtrack zu Episode III zum download gefunden. Die bisher angebotenen Links zum download sind in der Regel schon deaktiviert.

Im MillenniumFalconForum gibt es hierzu die Trackliste und eine kleine Beschreibung der einzelnen Tracks.

The Revenge of the Sith Soundtrack enters new territory. It´s a very operatic piece, more similar to THE PHANTOM MENACE than ATTACK OF THE CLONES. Themes from the other five episodes are interwoven together to create the demise of Anakin Skywalker. The battle scenes are adventurous with percussion beats that are very ´congo´ sounding in their nature. There is also more choral work in this recording than any other episode. If I could break the main score up into smaller sections, it would be; Force Theme, Battle of the Heroes and Padme´s tender motifs.

It does suffer from some repetition but that is about the only bad thing I can think of.

01 - Star Wars and The Revenge Of The Sith 7:31

The normal opening crawl is short-lived, unlike other episodes. Whereas normally the scroll fades into infinity, the last part is cut off by a very adventurous yet dangerous motif – the space battle over Coruscant. After this brief motif, we are first introduced into the one of the most constant Themes on the soundtrack - The Force Theme (which is under-scored with a militaristic beat similar to the Droid Invasion Theme from EPISODE I) which continues for quite a while; no doubt following a long camera shot into battle. The rest of the track continues in this fashion.

02 - Anakin´s Dream 4:46

A beautiful Viola solo accompanied by a harp opens Anakin´s Dream. Across the Stars soon can be heard underneath the solo before the darker string section hits, and uncertainity arises, only to once again fall into the Love Theme. After more dark cues, the Force Theme echoes things to come.

03 - Battle Of The Heroes 3:42

The new major Theme for Star Wars. The theme consists of a busy bass line with choral pieces intertwined.

04 - Anakin´s Betrayal 4:04

Sections of the Love Theme again can be heard with strings and horns interwoven.

05 - General Grievous 4:07

A ´congo´ sounding piece that no doubt will sound fantastic on screen.

06 - Palpatine´s Teachings 5:25

This track reminds one of the soundtrack of the Dark Crystal. A deep male voice ´chants´ with a metallic sound over the top. It then moves into the Love Theme which flows into Vader´s Theme. Followed is a variation on the Force Theme - kinda interesting. After some more dark music, a brilliant Arrival at Coruscant theme from EPISODE I ends the piece.

07 - Grievous and the Droids 3:28

Standard fight music here. Very much reminiscent of the EPISODE I ´Droid Invasion´ piece.

08 - Padme´s Ruminations 3:17

Deadly eerie. It doesn´t sound like it should be in Star Wars. A long note held on a double bass glides as Amazonian-like flutes and a synthesised female´s solo flows over top. This is just very eerie.

It is soon followed by a movement in the lower strings section that reminds one of Palpatine´s Chambers in RETURN OF THE JEDI. Horns pulse every now and then.

09 - Anakin vs. Obi-Wan 3:57

Battle of the Heroes starts off this piece before we quickly get into Vader´s Theme. Back to Battle of the Heroes; first solo, then the string section picks it up. There is then another familiar theme (the one which was played during the teaser trailer as Vader rises). We then have a busy string section before more Vader´s Theme - followed again by that ´familiar´ theme. Enter the Chorus and another section of Battle of Heroes that crescendos into strings and soon the Force Theme with a pumping base raises its head, followed again by Battle of the Heroes.

10 - Anakin´s Dark Deeds 4:05

Begins quietly then leads to a wall of chorus (very Lords of the Rings-ish). After a ´fight´ like music, it enters on a really soft section that echoes the way Padme is represented in this score. The ending is so sad to the track before before brass finishes it off.

11 - Enter Lord Vader 4:14

A soft introduction is soon met with variations of the Battle of the Heroes Theme. There is a small part of this that reminds of the music from the Rebels in the Original Trilogy. A miliatristic section soon ends with Vader´s Theme and another playing of the Force Theme which is followed by the Emperor´s Theme.

12 - The Immolation Scene 2:42

A dark and omnious piece.

13 - Grievous Speaks to Lord Sidious 2:49

Most have heard this on Starwars.com. The end of this piece is a variation on the Love Theme which is dark.

14 - The Birth Of The Twins and Padme´s Destiny 3:37

A lilting bass line from Across the Stars is over-scored by a harp and glockenspiel. It is then followed by a majestic version of Qui-Gon´s Funeral Theme (which may have just become the Naboo Funeral Theme) and is played about three times in total.

15 - A New Hope and End Credits 13:06

This is the longest piece of music on the soundtrack. A beautiful segue into Leia´s Theme is followed by the Force Theme. The Force Theme is repeated and grows (but don´t expect a big finale) before we enter the End Credit sequence.

Leia´s Theme follows the standard Star Wars End Credit Theme. Battle of the Heroes takes off where Leia´s Theme finishes. The Throne Room Theme then hits in at the end of BotH. The middle section of the The Throne Room is extremely legato compared to the ending in A NEW HOPE. After this part is finished its back into the main section.

It sounds like it is about to finish as in A NEW HOPE when it suddenly enters a really delicate version of the Force Theme. The Theme then shifts up and plays again before entering the Throne Room Theme once more. This plays out until the finale Star Wars Theme.


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