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Russell Bither-Terry: Sith Lov´n´ (MP3)

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Das Star Wars Fieber scheint nun auch in den USA immer mehr zu steigen. Russell Bither-Terry hat sogar ein eigenes Lied, inspiriert durch den Roman Revenge of the Sith, mit dem Namen Sith Lov´n´ geschrieben.

Da ich, ja ich höre ab und an solche Musik, die Idee sehr gut fand, gibt es den passenden Link bei uns zum zuhören.

I purchased the novel for Star Wars Episode III on Saturday, the day it came out and finished it over the weekend. Not really any major plot surprises.

Das Lied hat eine Länge von 4:16 Minuten.




I´ve worn this black mask for many years people fear me wherever I go.
as they tremble before me they do not know this mask hides many tears.


´cause even a Dark Jedi master longs for loving sometimes.
After a long hard day of committing despicable crimes.
Walk with me on the beach, hold my mechanical hand. Whisper into my helmet, tell me you understand.

Oh, yeah I´ve loved before
but I left her to go start a Galactic Civil War.
I remember the first time I met her on Tatooine.
She was the most beautiful woman that I´d ever seen.

As her body guard I was obsessed with her, she found it pretty scary.
Until she changed her mind and decided I was they guy she wanted to

It felt so good to hold her for hour after hour
but as much as I loved her it´s not as much as I love power.


Yes the dark side of the force was easier and faster.
Now I kneel before Palpatine
and call him master.
He sent me to slay the Jedi and on other exciting quests
though I must say Amidala had better


My Super Star Destroyer is one pimp´n´ ride.
I wanna head out to the Outer Rim with a hottie by my side
And I´ll show her that The Force is good for other things
besides choking my underlings.


I want someone who´ll love me and always be true
but that´s not exactly the easiest thing to do
when you´re busy chasing the rebellion throughout the stars.

It´s not like I can go cruising singles bars.


Das ganze als MP3 könnt Ihr unter diesem Link hier herunterladen.

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