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Planeten in Episode III

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Im aktuellen Homing Beacon Newsletter von StarWars.com werden einige der Episode III Planeten vorgestellt:


Revenge of the Sith showcases more planets than any Star Wars film that has come previously, more planets than all the previous Star Wars films combined. The scale of the Star Wars finale is so enormous that it stretches from the heart of the Republic to the wispiest stretches of the Outer Rim. To better orient yourself in galaxy far, far away, here´s a brief introduction to some of the planets to be found in Episode III.

Alderaan. A center of art and beauty in the galaxy, Alderaan is an unspoiled world that exemplifies pacifist ideals. Representing Alderaan in the Senate is Bail Organa, played by Jimmy Smits, the eventual adoptive father to Princess Leia. Alderaan is seen briefly in the film, with stunning photography gathered in the Swiss Alps, augmented by a gleaming palace added digitally.

The Episode III Art Department developed the look of Alderaanian culture as extremely advanced and sleek, with tight jumpsuits and streamlined headsets being the norm aboard Alderaanian starships. Present in the film are several prominent natives of Alderaan, including Captain Antilles of the Tantive IV played by Rohan Nichol and Queen Breha Organa, played by Rebecca Jackson Mendoza.

Cato Neimoidia. A key "purseworld" of the Trade Federation, Cato Neimoidia is home to many treasure troves belonging to the greedy Neimoidians. In the early development of Episode III, Cato Neimoidia was to be a gas giant ringed by a flat, disc-like space station - reminiscent of the donut-like shape of the Trade Federation battleships seen in Episode I. The opulent interiors of Cato Neimoidia were to be stocked with riches, gleaming precious metals, and other gaudy examples of excess.

In the finished film, Cato Neimoidia is marked with skyscraper-filled cities lining bowed bridges that span enormous gaps - its two-word definition during development was "bridge world." Episode III dialogue referring obliquely to a sticky situation involving Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Commander Cody on Cato Neimoidia was expanded to become the opening chapters of the novel Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno.

Coruscant. The capital of the Republic, and eventual birthplace of the Galactic Empire, the city planet of Coruscant figures prominently in Episode III as it has the entire prequel trilogy. Returning locales include Padmé´s apartment, which has been expanded to include a spacious verandah; the Jedi Temple, which includes such new chambers as a high tech computer room, military briefing room, and gunship hangar; and the Senate building, which includes the Chancellor´s holding office from which extends his commanding podium.

A prominent new location is the Galaxies Opera House, where Supreme Chancellor Palpatine maintains a private viewing box. In the film, he is witness to a zero-gravity Mon Calamari aquatic ballet.

Felucia. A stronghold belonging to the Commerce Guild, Felucia is the site of a Republic mission led by the Twi´lek Jedi, Aayla Secura. Early in the development of Episode III, George Lucas planned on depicting the fall of the Separatist home-worlds in the Clone Wars, and each Separatist faction and species was given a distinct planet of their own. Felucia was to be home of Shu Mai and her Gossam people. The early artwork described it as a "kelp planet" and a "fungus planet."

For the film, the look of Felucia was locked through a detailed concept model built at Industrial Light & Magic. The planet is a dense mixture of yellow, blue and green hues, expressed through exotic vegetation and fungi, including enormous bottle-like pitcher plants that color the sunlight like a stained-glass window. Native creatures include large grub-like beetles used as mounts and translucent life forms, like gossamer-winged birds with flesh like gummy candy.

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