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Star Wars: Miniatures Game Erweiterung - Clone Strike

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von (Captain Ardiff)

Es gibt wieder ein kleines Preview zu der lang erwartete Clone Strike Erweiterung für das SW Miniature Game. Diesmal handelt es sich um einen Ishi Tib Scout.

The Ishi Tib Scouts, as members of the Fringe, can sell their services to any squad. They don´t come as cheaply as the Gran Raiders, though. However, you´re paying for scouts agile enough to not only make a Double Attack but also to Evade.

Evade is a new ability coming to the Star Wars Minis: Clone Strike expansion, that helps characters against ranged attacks. When hit by an attack from a nonadjacent enemy, a character with Evade can make a save against the damage.


Zusätzlich findet Ihr noch folgende Bilder:

Gran Raider

Captain Typho

Rodian Mercenary

Dwarf Spider Droid

Weequay Mercenary

Naboo Soldier

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